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Remove unused method InstanceSecurityDashboard#all_pipelines

What does this MR do?

This just removes an unused method InstanceSecurityDashboard#all_pipelines.

This method is doing a cross-join between ci_* and non ci_* tables which will not be possible when we move ci_* tables to a separate database (see &6289 (closed) ).

Based on a git grep all_pipelines and also git grep InstanceSecurityDashboard I cannot seem to find any uses of this method. In fact we also removed Namespace#all_pipelines a while back too because it was unused !62266 (merged) .

It appears this method was added in !23232 (merged) but also trying to search for usages of all_pipelines there I still cannot find anything as it appears it may have just been replacing another method that was unused. That other method seems to have been added in !21691 (merged) but then I found a comment in there which suggests this was only used in the included Vulnerable module !21691 (comment 263246091) . The include Vulnerable module appears to have been removed in !24757 (merged) so that is perhaps the point where we should have also removed this method.

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Closes #336557 (closed)

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