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Remove secret_detection_default_branch job

Zach Rice requested to merge 297269-sd into master

What does this MR do?

This MR collapses two Secret Detection jobs into one, secret_detection, by moving the job logic from rules to script. This alleviates the confusion that customers have experienced with the Secret Detection product.

This change is considered a breaking change and should be released with %14.0 as proposed in #273620 (closed)

Screenshots (strongly suggested)

Secrets Detection Default Branch: Screen_Shot_2021-03-11_at_9.02.55_AM

Secret Detection Multiple Commits: Screen_Shot_2021-03-11_at_9.09.37_AM

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Availability and Testing


If this MR contains changes to processing or storing of credentials or tokens, authorization and authentication methods and other items described in the security review guidelines:

  • Label as security and @ mention @gitlab-com/gl-security/appsec
  • The MR includes necessary changes to maintain consistency between UI, API, email, or other methods
  • Security reports checked/validated by a reviewer from the AppSec team

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