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Create/update project: add parameter 'topics' in place of 'tag_list'


In GitLab, a project can have topics and tags (git tags) on its repository. Unfortunately, topics appear in various places under the name tags, which leads to a lot of confusion. As discussed in #328226 (closed), this confusion is to be cleared up. So I submitted the MR !60834 (closed) for that. However, the MR was too big. So I closed the MR and will submit several separate MRs instead.

What does this MR do?

When creating and updating a project, the tag_list parameter had to be used for topics until now. As described in the introduction above, this parameter name is not correct.

This MR replaces the tag_list parameter with the topics parameter for create/update a project (frontend and API), but the deprecated tag_list parameter still works.

API request Before: request body After: request body
POST /api/v4/projects
PUT /api/v4/projects/1
{tag_list: 'topic1, topic2', ...} {topics: 'topic1, topic2', ...} or
{tag_list: 'topic1, topic2', ...} (deprecated)

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