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Add Debian package upload to API

Mathieu Parent requested to merge sathieu/gitlab:debian_api_upload into master

What does this MR do?

This is item 2.6 of #5835 (comment 414103286).

The first user-facing change !

We need to support different file types (see spec/fixtures/packages/debian of !44029 (merged) for an example):

  • .deb files: the most common package files
  • .udeb files: lightened .deb files, used for debian-installer
  • .tar.{gz,bz2,xz,...}: Source files
  • .dsc: Source metadata, and list of source files (with hashes)
  • .buildinfo: Used for Reproducible builds
  • .changes: Upload metadata, and list of uploaded files (all the above)

Uploading with dput will send those files, one at a time (a different HTTP request for each), finishing by the changes file, which triggers the processing.

Screenshots (strongly suggested)

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