GraphQl mutation for creating a Jira issue on vulnerability details page [RUN ALL RSPEC] [RUN AS-IF-FOSS]

What does this MR do?

This is MR will solve #323306 (closed).

It includes:

  • The implementation to create Jira Issues via GraphQl mutation on Security the Vulnerability Details Page
  • Tests

The feature is currently hidden behind a feature Flag.

In #323306 (closed) it was planned to use the GraphQl Mutation on the vulnerability Modal as well, this is current blocked since the API is not providing needed Vulnerability ID's yet (Details).

How to reproduce

  1. If not yet happened connect a Jira Instance in your GDK
  2. enter rails console by entering rails c in you gitlab directory
  3. run Feature.enable(:create_vulnerability_jira_issue_via_graphql)
  4. Find a Project with vulnerabilties (for example
  5. Security & Compliance -> Vulnerability-Report -> Click a Vulnerability to enter the Vulnerability-Detail Page
  6. Click the Create Jira Issue button

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