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What does this MR do?

The goal of this MR is to introduce a FF jobs_table_vue and start the process of building out the jobs table in Vue/GraphQL. This MR isn't meant to have the table built but just a first iteration behind a FF to keep the MRs smaller and easier to review.

In this MR we:

  • Introduce a FF
  • Add tabs/count (with filter)
  • Add an unbuilt table
  • Write the GraphQL query for jobs (no pagination yet)

Test by:

  • Having a project with CI and jobs
  • Enable jobs_table_vue in your rails console
  • Visit CI/CD > Jobs

Related to: #324399 (closed)

Screenshots (strongly suggested)

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Screen_Shot_2021-04-07_at_9.45.37_AM Screen_Shot_2021-04-07_at_9.43.20_AM

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