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What does this MR do?

Caches the project topic list, buttons, badges, and stats on varying cache timers. This cuts the render time for _home_panel.html.haml roughly in half:


Rendered projects/_home_panel.html.haml (Duration: 142.9ms | Allocations: 148494) [cache miss]


Rendered projects/_home_panel.html.haml (Duration: 78.6ms | Allocations: 84589) [cache hit]

Removes a few queries on most page loads. These caches all expire as the project is updated, but for the stats cache I have it set to a very short TTL (we've recently done this for !57350 (merged)) to prevent updating them on every page load - this could potentially be increased later but I'm unsure of whether those stats trigger the project cache key to rotate in every instance right now.

Related #325333 (closed)

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