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Fix issue email participants migration version

What does this MR do?

This MR fixes the version number of a migration so it runs before the post migration counterpart. This should make the execution safe when the self-hosted instance runs the pre and post migrations at once.

More info: !48711 (comment 510227176)


The index already exists in PRD, we just fix the version number.

== 20201128210000 AddServiceDeskReplyToIsNotNullIndexOnIssuesFix: migrating ===
-- transaction_open?()
   -> 0.0000s
-- index_exists?(:issues, [:id], {:name=>"idx_on_issues_where_service_desk_reply_to_is_not_null", :where=>"service_desk_reply_to IS NOT NULL", :algorithm=>:concurrently})
   -> 0.0099s
== 20201128210000 AddServiceDeskReplyToIsNotNullIndexOnIssuesFix: migrated (0.0103s)

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