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Fix LFS not working with S3 specific-storage settings

Stan Hu requested to merge sh-fix-lfs-aws-specific-storage into master


!48269 (merged) enabled LFS clients to use chunked transfers via Transfer-Encoding: chunked.

However, in some cases, this breaks uploads to AWS S3 if specific-storage settings are used. It appears the problem is exposed when HTTP/1.1 is used. HTTP/2.0 automatically buffers a chunked transfer.

When direct uploads are used, GitLab will only generate pre-signed, multipart URLs if the Content-Length parameter is sent by the client. Previously when chunked transfers were not supported, this header was always available and thus was hard-coded in the LFS storage controller.

When this header is no longer available, the Workhorse BodyUploader attempts to transfer the file with an S3 PutObject API call with Transfer-Encoding: chunked. This will return a 501 Not Implemented error since this header is not supported; S3 has a different mechanism to chunked transfers. Note that Google Cloud Storage works fine in this manner.

Possible fixes

Now that Content-Length is not always available, we have a few options:

  1. Disable LFS chunked transfers.
  2. Re-enable request buffering in NGINX.
  3. Modify Workhorse to tell us whether Content-Length was sent.
  4. Be pessimistic and always generate multipart URLs and use a max length with the size of file.

Option 1 is not optimal because we still want to support LFS chunked transfers, especially for where Cloudflare will reject files over 5 GB.

Option 2 is not desirable either because it causes NGINX to store a large temporary file and delays the transfer to object storage.

Option 3 is a slightly preferable option, but it involves modifying Workhorse as well. We should consider this as a follow-up issue.

The fix

To fix the immediate problem, we implement option 4. Note that using consolidated object storage settings avoids this problem because Workhorse handles the upload natively with the AWS SDK and doesn't need presigned URLs.

Relates to gitlab-workhorse#292 (moved)

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