Unify the Docker Image build CI template (default branch)

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What does this MR do?

We are using main as new default branch instead of master in our Developer Evangelism projects. In community workshops, we often show how to build a Docker image: Navigate into the editor, select Docker and that's it, let it build.

The current CI template has master hardcoded in both the job name and the only/except rule and requires manual changes (job name and 2x rules edit).

This MR provides a generic single job with conditional handling for the branches, suggested in !51931 (comment 529010707) It also adds more logging to immediately see what's going on in the CI/CD job logs.

This replaces the old suggestion with 2 jobs and renamed job names.

The documentation in doc/user/packages/container_registry/index.md may need an update, although there are more locations with only/except master examples (grep -r -- '- master' doc/).

This MR is the first iteration of updating the CI templates to help move https://gitlab.com/groups/gitlab-org/-/epics/3600 forward.

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Screenshots (strongly suggested)

Default branch (in this case, 'main') in https://gitlab.com/dnsmichi/ci-cd-playground/-/jobs/1102222235


Any branch other than the default branch in https://gitlab.com/dnsmichi/ci-cd-playground/-/jobs/1101989114


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