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Move ScanSecurityReportSecretsWorker to avoid race-condition

Saikat Sarkar requested to merge move_scan_security_report_secrets_worker into master

What does this MR do?

This MR is related to this issue. In this MR, we are trying to resolve the race-condition by moving ScanSecurityReportSecretsWorker just after the creation of vulnerability_findings of a pipeline. In this solution, the token revocation is triggered based on the presence of secret_detection vulnerabiity_findings in the default_pipeline. Notice that vulnerabiity_findings are only generated for default_pipeline. In other words, this means that token revocation will only happen if an MR(containing secrets) is merged against default_branch or a new pipeline is manually triggered on the default_branch.

Pros: token revocation is triggered deterministically for each pipeline on default_branch. This will eliminate the race-condition.

Cons: token revocation will not be triggered for the pipelines of non-default pipelines.

For now, this may be a workable solution. In future iterations, we need to trigger token revocation after each build is finished. We tried to implement this at the beginning. But, this introduced race-condition and thereby missed many secret detections.

Screenshots (strongly suggested)

The following log in GCP(Google Cloud Platform) for srs-dev proves that these changes are not suffering race-conditions in gdk. For this testing, gdk is set according to the settings of srs-dev environment. For a pipeline run on the default_branch, we are seeing GET and POST requests as expected.


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