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DAST Saved Scans - On-demand scans form - Add fields

Paul Gascou-Vaillancourt requested to merge 295241-saved-scans-fields into master

What does this MR do?

This adjusts the On-demand scans form to match saved scans requirements:

  • Added a name field.
  • Added a description field.
  • The Run scan button has been renamed to Save and run scan.
  • A new Save scan button has been added.

Those changes are feature-flagged and are currently non-functional while the backend is being worked on.

How to test this?

  1. Enable the feature flag:
echo "Feature.enable(:dast_saved_scans)" | rails c
  1. Mock the API by applying the following patch:
diff --git a/ee/app/assets/javascripts/on_demand_scans/graphql/dast_scan_create.mutation.graphql b/ee/app/assets/javascripts/on_demand_scans/graphql/dast_scan_create.mutation.graphql
index f7c664d275a..8d50dcdb55c 100644
--- a/ee/app/assets/javascripts/on_demand_scans/graphql/dast_scan_create.mutation.graphql
+++ b/ee/app/assets/javascripts/on_demand_scans/graphql/dast_scan_create.mutation.graphql
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ mutation dastScanCreate(
       dastScannerProfileID: $dastScannerProfileID
       runAfterCreate: $runAfterCreate
-  ) {
+  ) @client {
     dastScan {
diff --git a/ee/app/assets/javascripts/on_demand_scans/graphql/provider.js b/ee/app/assets/javascripts/on_demand_scans/graphql/provider.js
index ef96b443da8..15727d089c5 100644
--- a/ee/app/assets/javascripts/on_demand_scans/graphql/provider.js
+++ b/ee/app/assets/javascripts/on_demand_scans/graphql/provider.js
@@ -4,6 +4,20 @@ import createDefaultClient from '~/lib/graphql';
+const resolvers = {
+  Mutation: {
+    dastScanCreate: () => {
+      return {
+        dastScan: {
+          editPath: '/your/scan/edit/page',
+        },
+        pipelineUrl: '/your/dast/pipeline',
+        errors: [],
+      };
+    },
+  },
 export default new VueApollo({
-  defaultClient: createDefaultClient(),
+  defaultClient: createDefaultClient(resolvers),
  1. Browse to the new DAST scan page at /:namespace/:project/-/on_demand_scans/new.
  2. Fill-in the form and click on Save and run scan, you should be redirected to /your/dast/pipeline (path mocked in the patch above).
  3. Go back to the form, fill it again and click on Save scan, you should be redirected to /your/scan/edit/page (also mocked in the patch).

Screenshots (strongly suggested)

Before After
gdk.test_3000_Commit451_security-reports_-on_demand_scans_iPad_Pro gdk.test_3000_Commit451_security-reports_-on_demand_scans__iPad_Pro___1

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  • Label as security and @ mention @gitlab-com/gl-security/appsec
  • The MR includes necessary changes to maintain consistency between UI, API, email, or other methods
  • Security reports checked/validated by a reviewer from the AppSec team

Related to #295241 (closed)

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