Job Trace polling solution

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What does this MR do?

  • Revert's the work done in !48516 (merged) && !49752 (merged)
  • We move back to polling the trace endpoint all the time to prevent race conditions.
  • Makes the trace endpoint return a 204 if the job has not started or does not have a trace.


Do the same thing the above MR's did, prevent unnecessary polling and prevent the strain on Redis. Instead of using the FE solution that causes some race conditions due to job state, we move the solution to the BE. We will poll like the pervious implementation but return a 204 if the job does not have a trace. Meaning we will not go get resources until the job has started and has a trace.

How to test

  • Pause your local runner and start a job (it should be in a pending state), check the network tab to ensure the trace endpoint is called and returns a 204
  • Start a running job, switch to a new tab, switch back and ensure no trace endpoint calls were made while you were gone.
  • Ensure everything with the job traces is still working as expected 🙏 Can you cancel/retry a job and logs are shown etc.

This is a developer facing change and does not warrant a changelog.

Related to: #294197 (closed)

Also related: #293675 (closed)

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