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Add 5-minute-production-app CI template

Dmytro Zaporozhets (DZ) requested to merge dz-5-minute-prod-app-ci-template into master

What does this MR do?

Adds 5-minute-production-app CI template.

5 minute production app is a new initiative (mine and Sid) to deploy a simple web app in less than 5 minute.

The idea is that you have a web app, Dockerfile and AWS credentials. GitLab will do everything for you. See project readme

  1. It uses AWS infra and Terraform to manage it.
  2. In future this will be integrated into AutoDevOps but for first iteration it will be a standalone template.
  3. Example projects that are using this template can be found at

For more information about feature development see 5 minute production app: Auto Devops Production app with Terraform and Amazon EC2, RDS, S3 in Google Drive

Fixes gitlab-org/5-minute-production-app/deploy-template#39 (closed)

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Availability and Testing

  1. I added specs for template in this MR
  2. We test manually and regularly with next projects
  3. We have automated tests in


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