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Draft: Include dependent child pipelines coverage into root parent pipeline's

What does this MR do?

Related to #280818


  • fix MR widget that shows code coverage because it only looks for coverage jobs in the same pipeline. This should be abstracted and provided by backend. E.g. create a job rspec in parent pipeline that outputs code coverage value and a rspec job in the child pipeline that does the same with a different value. The MR widget should return an averaged coverage report.


The screenshot above should show 2 jobs (instead of 1) and an average of the 2 coverage values

Screenshots (strongly suggested)

# .gitlab-ci.yml
  stage: test
    - echo "running rspec..."
    - echo "Code coverage 80"
  coverage: /Code coverage \d+/

  stage: test
    include: child.yml
    strategy: depend
# child.yml
    - echo "Running tests..."
    - echo "Code coverage 40"
  coverage: /Code coverage \d+/

    - echo "running karma tests..."
    - echo "Code coverage 30"
  coverage: /Code coverage \d+/

We should expect that code coverage report for the parent pipeline is rspec: 60 and karma: 30. These values should also be available in the repository analytics.

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