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Draft: Bitbucket server import like github

What does this MR do?

This is a first initial draft, of a bitbucket server importer based on the github importer.

Currently it does not import any activities, but it imports a repository and the pull request, plus the LFS objects.

This draft offers a lot of possibilities for improvements, also regarding DRY and code duplication (i started with copying the github implementation, and i did not investigate into refactoring for now, but it offers a lot of possibilities.

I opened this pull request to gather feedback, if something like this can be done for &2958 and if it is the right way. it affetcts at least:

asking for feedback

Hence that i want to ask here for feedback from you @kassio and @jameslopez as you already reviewed my last two improvements. This is more about gathering feedback if it is the right direction, than it is to review the code already. it is a working POC with a lot of potential though.


i am sorry if this is not the right approach, or if i am not inline with the general approach of gitlab. i started this out of curiosity and i just go recently aware of the epic. but i was already quiet deep into the code for this, so i did not want to throw it all away. I do think that this is a great starting point, for further implementations, so i thought i better share it than not

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