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Resolve "Migrate Bootstrap button to GitLab UI GlButton in app/assets/javascripts/ide/components/terminal/session.vue"

What does this MR do?

Replaces the deprecated button styles with GlButton and the matching properties, and increases the size of the button from small to medium.

Screenshots (strongly suggested)


Stop (Default) Stop (Hover)
Screenshot_2020-11-19_IDE Screenshot_2020-11-19_IDE_1_
Restart (Default) Restart (Hover)
Screenshot_2020-11-19_IDE_3_ Screenshot_2020-11-19_IDE_2_


Stop (Default) Stop (Hover)
Screen_Shot_2020-11-19_at_8.37.45_AM__2_ Screen_Shot_2020-11-19_at_8.34.38_AM__2_
Restart (Default) Restart (Hover)
Screenshot_2020-11-19_IDE_8_ Screenshot_2020-11-19_IDE_9_

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Related to #229282 (closed)

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