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Resolve "undefined method `allow_mfa_for_subgroups' for nil:NilClass after upgrading to 13.5.1 (8ee0746f54c)"

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There were reports on groups created and throwing 500 error on edit page (/groups/name/-/edit). It happened when group was created via admin panel - it was caused by lack of namespace_settings record, it was not created when creating group via admin panel, as it does not use service as api endpoint and main interface controller.

This fixes it plus adds migration to fix inconsistencies in the data.

Screenshots (strongly suggested)



== 20201104124300 EnsureNamespaceSettingsCreation: migrating ==================
== 20201104124300 EnsureNamespaceSettingsCreation: migrated (0.0582s) =========

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Related to #273380 (closed)

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