Add encrypted ldap secrets support

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What does this MR do?

Add encrypted ldap secrets support

Adds a new ldap_secrets path setting for optional ldap secrets file. And adds a new set of ldap secrets rake commands for showing/editing an ldap secret

Adds support for loading ldap servers' password and/or user_bn from the encrypted secrets.

Part of #238483 (closed) and currently depends on !43220 (merged)


Users first need to ensure their secrets.yml has a encrypted_settings_key_base. This can be done by running a rake command with the optional generation opted int: bundle exec rake gitlab:env:info GITLAB_GENERATE_ENCRYPTED_SETTINGS_KEY_BASE=true

Then they can use the EDITOR=vim rake gitlab:ldap:secret:edit command to provide their ldap credentials. The expected input is to be yaml, with your credentials nested under your provider:

  password: 'my-password'
  user_bn: 'my/user/bn'

Users can also create the file without an editor by piping to stdin of the rake gitlab:ldap:secret:write command.

cat my-plaintext-creds.yml | rake gitlab:ldap:secret:write

And users can see the credentials via rake gitlab:ldap:secret:show

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