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Support for GitLab Chatops using Slash commands

Yorick Peterse requested to merge chatops into master

What does this MR do?

This MR adds support for GitLab Chatops by scheduling a CI pipeline for every chat command. This allows one to define commands directly in .gitlab-ci.yml. For example:

    - 'echo "Your input was: $CHAT_INPUT"'
    - 'fortune -s'
    - psql -h /home/yorickpeterse/Projects/gitlab/gdk-ee/postgresql -d gitlabhq_development -q -c "EXPLAIN (ANALYZE, BUFFERS) $CHAT_INPUT;"
    - exit 1

Using such a configuration file you can run commands by running /root-slash-command-here run explain select count(*) from users where root-slash-command-here is the root command (e.g. /gl-infra or /chatops-test).

Input to the commands is provided using the CHAT_INPUT environment variable. This variable is set to the text that comes after the command name (ignoring leading whitespace). In the above example that would be select count(*) from users.

Output is sent back in one of two ways:

  1. If it's small enough we just send it as-is (mentioning the user in the process).
  2. If the output is too large we send back a link to the build. Currently the limit is 3.5 KB as Slack enforces a limit of around 4 KB per message

Output produced also always contains links to the project, pipeline, and the build.

See commit 63b36051 for more details.




  • Make sure that the code has some better documentation here and there
  • Double check the changes to see if all relevant code has tests
  • Make sure guests can't schedule pipelines via chat (IIRC this should already be covered but double checking doesn't hurt)

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