Filtering of merge requests by deployments data

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What does this MR do?

This adds support for filtering merge requests by the environment name and deployment times, in addition to the existing support of filtering merge requests by a deployment ID. This means you can now get merge requests that match an environment name, deployment ID, or are deployed before/after a given date and time. These filters can be combined as well.

Filtering merge requests by deployments data makes it easy to see what has been deployed, and when. In addition, you can apply all the other merge requests filters such as a list of labels to filter by.

See gitlab-com/gl-infra/delivery#1246 (closed) for more information.

Feature flag rollout issue: #267561 (closed)


Filtering by environment Filtering by date Filtering at the group level
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  • Clean up finder code/WHERE EXISTS
  • Add frontend filter support (with a date/time picker?)
  • Add documentation
  • Add API parameter support
  • Add screenshots
  • Hide all this behind a feature flag
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