Redirect to documentation pages URL when configuration option is set

What does this MR do?

Contributes to issue: #32328 (closed)

Previous MR: !42702 (merged)

Builds URL and redirects to documentation website when Documentation pages URL option in Admin Area is populated.

Fallbacks to default /help rendering when the option is not set.

How to test it locally

  1. Fetch 32328_use_documentation_url_to_configure_path_to_help_pages branch
  2. Apply migrations if there are any / restart GDK
  3. Enable feature flag :help_page_documentation_redirect
  4. Go to Admin area -> Settings -> Preferences
  5. Expand Help page section
  6. Fill Documentation pages URL field with
  7. Go to http://localhost:3000/help/administration/ (or any other documentation page)

Expected result

You will be redirected to


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