Make SSH keys publicly accessible

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What does this MR do?

  • Reverts !35507 (merged).
    • !35507 (merged) moved get SSH keys from keys controller to user controller to reduce confusion between gpg keys and ssh keys, but since the User controller goes through the permission policy to read user, a non-logged in user would get redirected to the log in page if they tried to go to
    • More in-depth discussion here: #235756 (comment 396156444)
  • Adds RSpecs to keys_controller_spec.rb to ensure that when signed out, user's SSH public keys are still gettable.


Incognito browser (so not signed in) still shows SSH keys: image

% curl
ssh-rsa AAAA...gJw0= Administrator ( 

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Closes #235756 (closed)

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