Add Usage data tracking using Redis HLL for UI events

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What does this MR do?

Add UsageData#increment_unique_values API

  • Add usage_data_api feature, enabled by default in order to be able to stop if we see scaling issues

  • Users should be authenticated in order to be able to call this method

  • Documentation is only under Telemetry guide

  • Open a follow up issue to see how to handle unauthenticated users #246823 (closed)

  • Allow known_events only this is already done, we could count only on metrics defined in known_events.yml

  • Allow to send any values(values will be in responsibility of the API users) with the mention that we do a check

    • for the string value size, allow strings of max 36 size(choosing this as it is a use case at the moment)
    • and size of the array that we allow to receive, maybe test with different array sized(I would start with 10 elements) There is no real use case at this moment


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