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What does this MR do?

This MR adds the CVE ID Request button in the issue sidebar. This feature uses the cve_id_request_button feature flag.

This MR is the UI portion of Draft: Adds Request CVE ID button to issue sidebar, which was broken into separate merge requests.

For an overview of what purpose the button serves, please see the video below, or read the high-level bullet points below the video:

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  • CVE identifiers track specific vulnerabilities in specific version ranges of a project
  • GitLab participates in MITRE's CNA program and is able to issue CVE identifiers to projects that are:
    • public
    • hosted on
  • Prior to this feature, users needed to manually create an issue to start the CVE request process
  • The CVE ID Request button allows project maintainers to directly create the CVE ID Request issue from an existing, confidential issue's sidebar

The CVE ID Request button is only available

  • when the project is public
  • when the project is hosted on
  • when the current user is a maintainer
  • when the current issue is a confidential issue

Local Setup

  • Enable the feature flag :cve_id_request_button
  • Create a public project at gitlab-org/cves (this is the target of the CVE ID request button)
  • To see the button locally:
    • As a maintainer+
    • In a public project
    • Create a confidential issue

Usage / Screenshots

The button sends the user to the new issue page of gitlab-org/cves. The new issue link sets the issue description, title, and confidential checkbox:


The CVE ID Request icon in the collapsed sidebar


The unexpanded help text in the issue sidebar


The expanded help text in the issue sidebar


The project setting to disable the CVE ID Request button


For a CVE ID Request that was created from a project named root/test_project, the created issue on gitlab-org/cves has the title:

CVE ID Request - root/test_project

and the issue description:

**NOTE:** Only maintainers of GitLab-hosted projects may request a CVE for
a vulnerability within their project.

Project issue: root/test_project#21

After a CVE request is validated, a CVE identifier will be assigned. On what
schedule should the details of the CVE be published?

* [ ] Publish immediately
* [ ] Wait to publish

Please fill out the yaml codeblock below

  description: "TODO" # "[VULNTYPE] in [COMPONENT] in [VENDOR][PRODUCT] [VERSION] allows [ATTACKER] to [IMPACT] via [VECTOR]"
  cwe: "TODO" # "CWE-22" # Path Traversal
    gitlab_path: "root/test_project"
    vendor: "TODO" # "iTerm2"
    name: "TODO" # "iTerm2"
      - "TODO" # "1.2.3"
      - "TODO" # ">1.3.0, <=1.3.9"
      - "TODO" # "1.2.4"
      - "TODO" # "1.3.10"
  impact: "TODO" # "CVSS v3 string" #
  solution: "TODO" # "Upgrade to version 1.2.4 or 1.3.10"
  credit: "TODO"
    - "TODO" # "https://some.domain.tld/a/reference"

CVSS scores can be computed by means of the [NVD CVSS Calculator](


All of the following must be true for the button to be visible:

  • Button is only visible to maintainers
  • Button is only visible on (not self-hosted instances of GitLab)
  • Button is only visible on public projects
  • Button is only visible on confidential issues

Users must be able to disable this button from appearing in the issue sidebar:

  • Add project setting for CVE ID Request button

Does this MR meet the acceptance criteria?


Database Migration Output

 lptp [ gitlab ]: bundle exec rake db:migrate:up VERSION=20200816133024 RAILS_ENV=development
== 20200816133024 AddCveIdRequestProjectSetting: migrating ====================
-- add_column(:project_settings, :cve_id_request_enabled, :boolean, {:default=>true, :null=>false})
   -> 0.0010s
== 20200816133024 AddCveIdRequestProjectSetting: migrated (0.0010s) ===========

 lptp [ gitlab ]: bundle exec rake db:migrate:down VERSION=20200816133024 RAILS_ENV=development
== 20200816133024 AddCveIdRequestProjectSetting: reverting ====================
-- remove_column(:project_settings, :cve_id_request_enabled)
   -> 0.0009s
== 20200816133024 AddCveIdRequestProjectSetting: reverted (0.0009s) ===========

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