Resolve "Show results from docker image scan in the merge request widget"

What does this MR do?

Shows result of CI scan on docker image


  • Adds support to fetch clair report
  • Parses and stores received data
  • Adds support in collapsible section to render text information
  • Adds support in issue component to render an extra type
  • Adds tests to all changed components & store, for success and error cases.

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Why was this MR needed?

To integrate container static analysis into MR widget. First step in

Screenshots (if relevant)

|loading|error|no vulnerabilities|vulnerabilities| |--|--|--|--|--|--| |Screen_Shot_2017-12-12_at_19.26.16|Screen_Shot_2017-12-12_at_19.26.46|Screen_Shot_2017-12-12_at_19.28.40|Screen_Shot_2017-12-13_at_18.39.30|

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Closes #4249 (closed)

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