Remove dead elasticsearch indexing code

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Remove dead code ElasticBatchProjectIndexerWorker

This worker was first added in !1144 (merged) in %8.17 but all usages were removed in !13437 (merged) in %12.0 . Given that the usages of this worker have been removed for at least 1 major release now we should be safe to remove this worker itself. In fact we could have removed it already in %13.0 .

Remove dead Elasticsearch indexing locking code

The code paths that used to use these locks have been long removed so we can safely remove them. Additionally these are superceded by better de-duplication mechanisms including sidekiq queue de-duplication for ElasticCommitIndexerWorker, redis sorted sets for other indexing jobs and finally we added a lock inside of ElasticCommitIndexerWorker recently to avoid a related problem that these locks didn't even cover anyway !35842 (merged) .


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