Support markdown in user's bio attribute

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What does this MR do?

This MR adds support for markdown in the bio field on the user's profile.

The base of this MR is a community contribution which is inactive for quite some time: !20254 (closed)


In an earlier MR we've decided to move the bio attribute from the users table to user_details table. Now we're ready to ignore the column and use the (Related MR: !27773 (merged))

Query to verify that the bios are identical in both tables:

select,, from users inner join user_details on where <> limit 1;
  • Store the html representation of the bio.
  • Render bio_html to the user popover.
  • Expose bio_html in our API.
  • Update the API docs.
  • Remap the validation error key for bio in the API: => bio
  • Delegate bio and bio_html to user_detail




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