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Add cluster reindexing feature to our ES integration

Dmitry Gruzd requested to merge 213629-cluster-reindexing-feature into master

What does this MR do?

This MR automates steps for the cluster reindexing process gitlab-com/gl-infra/production#2213 (closed)

To schedule a reindexing job you will need to run rake gitlab:elastic:reindex_cluster which will create a ReindexingTask record.

ElasticClusterReindexingCronWorker runs every minute and executes a job with in_progress flag. We can only have 1 job with this flag since we have a unique index.

#213629 (closed)

Reindexing logic/stages

After we create a ReindexingTask it has initial stage

  • initial stage is needed to complete initial checks (i.e. storage requirements) and to enable indexing pause feature. We expect a delay between stages to be enough for existing indexing requests to complete.
  • reindexing stage creates a new index and triggers Elasticsearch reindex API
  • in_progress stage is the polling stage, we're waiting for the task to complete
  • As final stages we have success and failure

Stages graph visualisation


Database changes

This MR introduces a table called reindexing_tasks and ReindexingTask model


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Closes #213629 (closed)

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