Metrics Dashboard YAML validation - add auxiliary blob view for dashboard files.

What does this MR do?

Implementation of #219395 (closed)

It adds basic validations for metrics dashboard YAML definitions by extending existing implementation with blob show in auxiliary viewer which is used for .gitlab-ci.yml. Upon displaying file from .gitlab/dashboards directory, additional ajax request is made to perform basic validation, and display its results. For the MVC validation process stops at first entry which is invalid and reports encountered errors


Implemented validations (all are available in review apps while browsing different files at

I. YAML syntax Screenshot_2020-05-28_at_14.21.05 II. Invalid dashboard entry Screenshot_2020-05-28_at_14.22.30 III. Invalid group entry Screenshot_2020-05-28_at_14.24.13 IV. Invalid panel entry Screenshot_2020-05-28_at_14.24.50 V. Invalid metrics entry Screenshot_2020-05-28_at_14.25.27

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