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Update auto-deploy-image to v0.15.0

Hordur Freyr Yngvason requested to merge update-ado-image-to-0-15-0 into master

What does this MR do?

This brings an ugpraded PostgreSQL chart to Auto DevOps deployments by default. With this change, Auto DevOps supports Kubernetes 1.16+ out of the box.

It is a breaking change in that deployments using the old chart will fail until users either opt back into the old chart by setting AUTO_DEVOPS_POSTGRES_CHANNEL to 1 or upgrade their in-cluster database. The deployment fails with a descriptive message explaining exactly why it is failing and how to resolve it.

In order to enable this upgrade, we have to move POSTGRES_VERSION out of the top-level Auto DevOps template. This is to allow the default version to vary based on the selected AUTO_DEVOPS_POSTGRES_CHANNEL.

See gitlab-org/cluster-integration/auto-deploy-image@v0.14.0...v0.15.0 for the changes to the image

See #210499 (closed) for context on the change


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