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Add search bar to container registry image list

What does this MR do?

This MR adds the capability for the Container Registry Image List to search by image name. A new search bar is added and some of the code has been refactored to his own component to keep concerns isolated.


Mobile view

Empty search Error
Screenshot_2020-05-11_at_13.59.45 Screenshot_2020-05-11_at_14.00.22

No Search


Search with results


Search without results


Does this MR meet the acceptance criteria?


The video shows the previous version of the empty search message, while the screenshot above has been updated

NOTE: in the video I am pressing enter to trigger the search, clicking on the button achieve the same, at the end of the video I am switching to a project without any image to show the difference between an empty search and an empty project



Availability and Testing


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Part of #216122 (closed)

Edited by Nicolò Maria Mezzopera

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