Refactor board.js to Vue single file component

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What does this MR do?

This MR is a refactor spun up from the jestodous work, in particular the issue #27258 (closed)

This MR includes:

  • Adds a new feature flag to conditionally load the new board_colum.vue SFC component
  • Adds a new component board_column which is a refactor of app/assets/javascripts/boards/components/board.js from HAML to SFC
  • Adds a new jest test for the new board_column component
  • Adds a new ee/board_column component that extends is CE version
  • Add some new props to the HAML loading the vue components to compensate for the lack of render_if


This work started in a jestodous pair programming session that included: @pslaughter @jboyson @cwoolley-gitlab @leipert and @nmezzopera it was then continued by @leipert and finalized in another pair programming session with @leipert @nmezzopera and @markrian

Pinning Tests

Here is the log of the recently ran pinning test for bfe73017 on 2020-03-27T0600Z


To run the pinning tests locally, checkout this MR's branch and run locally:

git revert --no-commit $(git log -1 --grep="Remove pinning tests for boards" --pretty=format:"%H") && ./scripts/

This script:

  • Reverts the commit which removes the pinning test
  • Runs the pinning test

The test oracles can be updated by:

  • Start an interactive rebase and editing the Setup pinning tests commit
  • Make any changes to the boards_pin_spec.rb file or the pinning scripts
  • Run PIN_TYPE=oracle ./scripts/ to recreate the oracle pins


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