Backend for new deploy tokens via ajax

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What does this MR do?

Resolves the backend half of #22794 by changing the POST to an ajax request. This means that a reload of the page will no longer trigger the creation of a new deploy token.

These changes are behind a feature flag named :ajax_new_deploy_token. The flag exists at the group and project level.

When enabled:

  • Makes create_deploy_token actions of ci_cd controllers ajax
  • The JSON response matches the existing API schema

API Schema:

Frontend Followup Work

First, we have to initially hide new deploy token info-well.

Then, when we get JSON response:

  1. if data is good:
    • populate that data in the info-well
    • populate the data-clipboard-text fields too
    • un-hide the info-well
  2. otherwise, hide the info-well
  3. show the payload's message in either notice or alert
  4. re-enable the submit button

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