Fix broken chart: Options for axis are extended correctly in the time series

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What does this MR do?

Fix for #207070 (closed)

Ensure the options for axis are extended in the time series

Upper chart component (e.g. anomaly) should be able to pass options to the time series without destroying the structure of original options.

This change added the xAxis and yAxis configuration to the options without replacing them completely, similarly to the series extension.


The anomaly chart component is a wrapper for the time series component. The anomaly chart extends it by adding extra configuration to the regular time series chart, e.g. adding the boundary band, red dots and axis configuration.

When time series added a seconds axis in !24953 (diffs), switching from an single axis object to an array of axises, it broke the way the configuration was extended. This MR fixes this problem.


It works now.


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Closes #207070 (closed)

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