Do git gc, not repack, after moving a repository between shards

Merged Nick Thomas requested to merge (removed):gitaly-2108-repos-really-gc-after-move into master

What does this MR do?

In !20863 (merged) , we introduced an additional git garbage-collection operation that happens immediately after a repository has been moved between shards. In review, the gc was reduced to full_repack because we were a little concerned by the idea of doing a gc for every repository on a shard, in the event of a mass move.

However, it transpired that the RPCs we're concerned by need the commit-graph, not just pack file bitmaps, to be written, if they are to perform acceptably at scale. So this MR puts us back into running a gc.

The feature is still behind a disabled-by-default feature flag. After merge, I intend for us to test this by moving a whole shard of repositories, to see if the gc load is acceptable. If it isn't, then we'll need to revisit this entirely - groupgitaly are working on a ReplicateRepository RPC that we could use instead of FetchInternalRemote, for instance, but it's not ready yet:


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