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Resolve "Allow to set a minimum password length via admin UI"

What does this MR do?

For #36776 (closed)

A demo can be viewed at

  • Migration for adding a column to specify minimum password length
  • UI changes to allow admin to set minimum password length via Admin -> Settings -> General -> Sign up restrictions
  • Backend changes to support changing minimum password length value
  • Backend changes to have the change in minimum password length take effect without a GitLab restart
  • Tests
  • Documentation
  • Post-deploy migration to update the value of minimum_password_length column to [Devise.password_length.min, 8].max - ie, change the value to higher than 8, if the customer had overridden the Devise default using


Minimum password length setting in admin:


On sign up page - mention of minimum password length:


Error messages:

On short password (Same as default Devise error message, only the limit differs):


On long password: (Same as default Devise error message):


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Availability and Testing


If this MR contains changes to processing or storing of credentials or tokens, authorization and authentication methods and other items described in the security review guidelines:

  • Label as security and @ mention @gitlab-com/gl-security/appsec
  • The MR includes necessary changes to maintain consistency between UI, API, email, or other methods
  • Security reports checked/validated by a reviewer from the AppSec team
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