Visual Review API

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What does this MR do?

This MR creates a new endpoint specifically for posting feedback from Visual Review Tools without authentication, specified in #29067 (closed). Comments are normally posted through a somewhat type-agnostic notables API, so I created a different endpoint to minimize the scope of unauthenticated functionality.

Comments are owned by the Visual Review Bot, added in !18663 (merged). The commit from the MR is included in this branch, and this MR should be merged after !18663 (merged).

Review began in a fork MR, opened here: !18680 (closed)

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Availability and Testing


If this MR contains changes to processing or storing of credentials or tokens, authorization and authentication methods and other items described in the security review guidelines:

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  • [-] The MR includes necessary changes to maintain consistency between UI, API, email, or other methods
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