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Support Read and Delete operations in Feature Flag Scope API

Shinya Maeda requested to merge introduce-feature-flag-scope-api into master

What does this MR do?

This MR introduces the following endpoints:

GET    /api/:version/projects/:id/feature_flag_scopes(.:format)                          - Get all effective feature flags under the environment
GET    /api/:version/projects/:id/feature_flags/:name/scopes(.:format)                   - Get all scopes of a feature flag
GET    /api/:version/projects/:id/feature_flags/:name/scopes/:environment_scope(.:format) - Get a scope of a feature flag
DELETE /api/:version/projects/:id/feature_flags/:name/scopes/:environment_scope(.:format) - Delete a scope from a feature flag

These endpoints are mainly used in FF dogfooding, but of course can be used in the other ordinary cases.

Feature flag

This feature is built behind the feature flag - feature_flag_api

Sample payload

shinya@shinya-MS-7A34:~/workspace/thin-gdk/services/rails/src$ curl --header "Private-Token: mH2Nz_PT5zzjzj_ZN7hH" http://local.gitlab.test:8181/api/v4/projects/20/feature_flag_scopes?environment=prd




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