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Support Create/Read/Destroy operations in Feature Flag API

Shinya Maeda requested to merge introduce-feature-flag-api into master

What does this MR do?

This MR introduces the following endpoints:

GET    /api/:version/projects/:id/feature_flags(.:format)                - Get all feature flags of a project
POST   /api/:version/projects/:id/feature_flags(.:format)                - Create a new feature flag
GET    /api/:version/projects/:id/feature_flags/:name(.:format)          - Get a feature flag of a project
DELETE /api/:version/projects/:id/feature_flags/:name(.:format)          - Delete a feature flag

This MR also cleans up multiple technical debts:

  • Finder preloads the relations (scope) by default. This is for preventing from accidental N+1.
  • Have permission check on Services. This ensures that we always check the executor's permission level. This is especially important in the next MR !18368 (merged).
  • Fixed bunch of false-positive specs.

Feature flag




  • Schema check in ee/spec/requests/api/feature_flags_spec.rb


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