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Previous monolithic MR,

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Combine multiple MR/branches into a chunk

Steps 1-5

# Combine all commits into a list
	git log --reverse 2001-related-issues-fe-base..related-issues-fe-issue-token-step-1 --format="%H";
	git log --reverse related-issues-fe-issue-token-step-1..related-issues-fe-add-issuable-form-step-2 --format="%H";
	git log --reverse 2001-related-issues-fe-base..related-issues-fe-add-store-step-4 --format="%H";
	git log --reverse 2001-related-issues-fe-base..related-issues-fe-related-issues-block-step-5 --format="%H";
} |
sed ':a;N;s/\n/ /;ba' |
# Make the list unique
uniq |
# Cherry-pick everything
# If you want to dry-run: xargs -L1 echo git cherry-pick
xargs -L1 git cherry-pick

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Closes #2001 (closed)

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