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feat: x509 signed commits using openssl

Roger Meier requested to merge siemens/gitlab:feat/x509-signed-commits into master

What does this MR do?

This MR provides basic support for x509 signed commits as proposed within #24512 (closed) and #29782 (closed).

Main difference in comparision to gpg:

  • trust anchor is the certificate authority not a verified key
  • no specific key uploaded by the user
  • verification status could be one of the following
    • verified: email within x509 certificate equals committer email and ca is trusted
    • unverified: email within x509 certificate does not match committer email or ca is not trusted or signature invalid
  • verification can be done using plain OpenSSL functionality or via gpgsm
    • my initial approach was using gpgsm, however the formats and concepts of x509 and gpg keys differ heavily and requires a lot of workarounds when using gpgsm, beside of the additional complexity at the code level gpp does require a lot of local configuration. This will make it error prone and reduce the operatability significantly
    • the openssl native approach is much simpler from an implementation, maintenance and operations point of view


Further reading:

The MR we made to introduce GPG signed commits within GitLab:

Samples of SMIME signed commits:

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