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Update protected paths documentation

Mayra Cabrera requested to merge ee-updates-protected-paths-docs into master

What does this MR do?

Update protected paths documentation to state that protected paths are now configured on Admin UI and no longer on Omnibus

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Related to #29952 (closed)

Author's checklist

  • Follow the Documentation Guidelines and Style Guide.
  • Link docs to and from the higher-level index page, plus other related docs where helpful.
  • Apply the ~Documentation label.

Review checklist

All reviewers can help ensure accuracy, clarity, completeness, and adherence to the Documentation Guidelines and Style Guide.

1. Primary Reviewer

  • Review by a code reviewer or other selected colleague to confirm accuracy, clarity, and completeness. This can be skipped for minor fixes without substantive content changes.

2. Technical Writer

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3. Maintainer

  1. Review by assigned maintainer, who can always request/require the above reviews. Maintainer's review can occur before or after a technical writer review.
  2. Ensure a release milestone is set and that you merge the equivalent EE MR before the CE MR if both exist.
  3. If there has not been a technical writer review, create an issue for one using the Doc Review template.
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