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Moves Protected paths throttling from Omnibus to GitLab Rails

What does this MR do?

Moves protected paths to GitLab-Rails:

  • Adds 4 columns to application_settings
    • 3 to mimic the configuration of existing throttles
    • 1 to store the protected paths on database
  • Set default protected paths (taken from Omnibus)
  • Add new section on admin panel to personalize protected paths configuration
  • This new throttle is active by default.
  • Includes additional protected paths throttles
  • Rack Attack file was renamed to rack_attack_new.rb, otherwise the Omnibus file will overwrite this file.
  • If the Omnibus settings are present, the application settings are ignored.

Related to #29952 (closed)

Documentation MR - !16540 (merged)


With Omnibus throttle present Without Omnibus throttle
Screen_Shot_2019-09-26_at_11.19.11_AM Screen_Shot_2019-09-19_at_9.40.28_AM

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Performance and testing

To do - backend

  • Move Protected Paths to config/gitlab.yml
  • Handle the throttle on RackAttackGlobal
  • Add specs
  • Log error on auth.log
  • Add new application_settings to UI
  • Refactor
  • Configure protected paths on UI
Edited by Mayra Cabrera

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