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Add badge for feedback on new epics

Jack Chapman requested to merge jc/wi-epic-post-launch-feedback-badge into master

What does this MR do and why?

Add badge for feedback on new epics

Adds a badge with a link to a feedback issue for the new epics experience.

The badge should be suitable for reuse when we make Work Item issues GA.

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Before After
Screenshot_2024-06-26_at_14.43.32 Screenshot_2024-06-26_at_14.42.20

How to set up and validate locally

Numbered steps to set up and validate the change are strongly suggested.

  1. Visit a work item epic
  2. Check you can see the badge in the top corner of the screen
  3. It should pop open automatically the first time.
  4. If you close the popover with the 'X', it won't pop open automatically any more.

Relates to #463154 (closed)

Edited by Jack Chapman

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