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Update admin license and compliance layout

Annabel Dunstone Gray requested to merge admin-security-compliance into master

What does this MR do and why?

Updates Admin security and compliance settings page

  • Remove expand/collapse functionality
  • Remove search bar

Screenshots or screen recordings

Before After
Screenshot_2024-06-21_at_3.27.45_PM N/A
Screenshot_2024-06-21_at_3.27.53_PM Screenshot_2024-06-21_at_3.23.23_PM
Screenshot_2024-06-21_at_3.28.21_PM N/A
Screenshot_2024-06-21_at_3.28.45_PM Screenshot_2024-06-21_at_3.23.06_PM

How to set up and validate locally

Admin > settings > security & compliance


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