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Add support for groups in policy scope

What does this MR do and why?

This MR adds the ability to scope policies to groups by extending the policy_scope option in policies.

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How to set up and validate locally

  1. Create a new Group (group-a)
  2. Create 3 new Subgroups (group-a/sugbroup-1, group-a/sugbroup-2, group-a/sugbroup-2/subgroup-2a)
  3. Copy the ID of the group-a/subgroup-2 group
  4. For the root group (group-a), go to Secure -> Policies and create a new policy (ie. Scan Execution Policy):
name: SEP scoped to subgroup
description: ''
enabled: true
- scan: container_scanning
    CS_IMAGE: alpine:3.12.0
- type: pipeline
  branch_type: all
    - id: 228 # ID of the `group-a/subgroup-2` group
  1. Create 2 projects (group-a/subgroup-1/project-1 and group-a/subgroup-2/subgroup-2a/project-1), add .gitlab-ci.yml file:
    - echo "Test Job!"
  1. For each project see the pipeline that was created. In group-a/subgroup-1/project-1, you should not see the container-scanning-0 job, while in group-a/subgroup-2/subgroup-2a/project-1, you will see this job.

Related to #468384

Edited by Alan (Maciej) Paruszewski

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