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Update welcome page

Julia Miocene requested to merge welcome-jmiocene into master

What does this MR do and why?

  • Remove old illustrations
  • Use icons to make new users familiar with our interface metaphors
  • Add animations on hover
  • Add onboarding action card component (with different variants, different states)

Next steps

  • Add more delight
  • Add more cards
  • Keep this onboarding available longer (30 days like a trial, maybe?)
  • Use welcome page in the navigation bar, like the trial welcome page
  • Show progress

MR acceptance checklist

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Screenshots or screen recordings

Before After
CleanShot_2024-06-17_at_15.31.00_2x CleanShot_2024-06-17_at_16.42.42_2x

How to set up and validate locally

  1. Go to http://gdk.test:3000/admin/users/reported_user_1
  2. Click [Impersonate]
  3. See updated welcome page

#457239 (closed) &12821

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