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Fix group level work item notifications

Mario Celi requested to merge 425016-notifications-group-level-work-items into master

What does this MR do and why?

Now we have issues that are associated directly to a group. Before, an issue would always belong to a project, so we need to make some changes for the mailers to handle both scenarios. Now issues always belong to a namespace (Group or ProjectNamespace, both on the namespaces table)

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How to set up and validate locally

  1. Enable the namespace_level_work_items FF in the rails console Feature.enable(:namespace_level_work_items)
  2. Go to work items list at the group level http://localhost:3000/groups/flightjs/-/work_items
  3. Create a new epic
  4. We can test the mailers in the console as there are many to trigger. Then we can see the sent emails in http://localhost:3000/rails/letter_opener

In the rails console try the following

u = User.first
i = Issue.where(project_id: nil).last

Notify.reassigned_issue_email(,, [],
label = i.namespace.labels.first
Notify.relabeled_issue_email(,, [],
Notify.changed_milestone_issue_email(,, Milestone.last,
Notify.issue_status_changed_email(,, 'closed',

Related to #425016 (closed)

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