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Create component for multiple frameworks

Nataliia Radina requested to merge 462942-component-for-multiple-frameworks into master

What does this MR do and why?

Adds component to display multiple compliance frameworks

Adds usage of it to adherence table

Removes margin from the framework badge because it was breaking some layouts

Related to #462942 (closed) and #462944 (closed)

Create component for multiple frameworks

EE: true

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Screenshots or screen recordings

No visual changes for now because the component is not used for now - the usage will be added in the follow-up once the backend is there

Before After Multiple Frameworks After Single Framework
Screenshot_2024-06-11_at_12.21.32 Screenshot_2024-06-19_at_16.33.01 Screenshot_2024-06-13_at_23.47.00

How to set up and validate locally

  1. Create a Compliance framework and assign it to some project
  2. Go to Compliance dashboard adherence tab (Group > Secure > Compliance center)
  3. Observe the table with single framework label

Multiple labels are not implemented on backend yet, but I provided some screenshots I made with fake data

Apply this

Related to #462942 (closed)

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